Wisdom 101 Interview: DJ Taz Rashid

Wisdom 101 Interview: DJ Taz Rashid

Wisdom 101 Interview: DJ Taz Rashid 1280 800 Nate Guadagni

DJ Taz Rashid : Music producer, high vibrational DJ, entrepreneur and executive producer of Karmawarriorstv.com. He travels the world playing and creating music for world class yoga teachers at the premier music and yoga festivals.

Find him on his website: www.DJTazRashid.com
For a Free Gift of music: Text on your phone LOVEYOGA (one word) to the number 44222

Our interview covers
– His life story, a transformation as a “bro gone conscious” as he describes his shift in values and finding his life purpose.
– He reveals how he finds music that he uses and offers solutions to wellness teachers and professionals who want to find the perfect music for their specialties.
-He also talks about his latest project :
A “Spiritual Survivor” conscious reality show which documents the transformation of a diverse group of participants who are seeking healing and meaning.

Nate Guadagni – Author, yoga and meditation teacher and founder of Bo Yoga.

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Wisdom 101 Episode #2