What is a Bo Yoga Balance Bar?

What is a Bo Yoga Balance Bar?

What is a Bo Yoga Balance Bar? 1280 800 Nate Guadagni

The Bo Yoga Balance Bar (or Yoga Staff) is the essential prop that we use for Bo Yoga® .

It has several features which make it perfect for Bo Yoga® while other traditional bo staffs (used for martial arts) will not work.

The Balance Bar supports your yoga practice with:

– Leverage and control to your stretches for safe and effective alignment.
– Rotational movements to increase mobility and decrease pain in your joints.
– Stability and support for challenging balancing postures.
– Foam rolling for fascia and muscle tension release

The Balance Bar unique features:
– Traction tips for secure contact with the floor
– Padding for comfort around the neck and shoulders
– Strong core for stability
– Flexibility to bend to your needs
– Lightweight for easy transport

The Balance Bar comes in 3 standard sizes:

4ft : For use in smaller areas or people less than 5 feet tall.
5ft : For average sized areas and people of average height.
6ft : For large areas, people about 6 ft tall or for those with stiff arms and shoulders.

Bo Yoga Balance Bars can be ordered at:


Shipping is available anywhere within the USA.