Bo Yoga Success Stories

  • "My students love Bo Yoga and the Balance Bar!

     It gives them an opportunity to experience the full benefits of the poses that they may not be able to feel on their own due to lack of flexibility, balance or range of motion. 

    They feel great afterwards and tell me how much it helped them release tension and feel more relaxed. 

    It is a treat to see their reaction and faces light up when they find their balance in an Asana that they normally couldn't do!

    Personally I love the versatility of the Bar and enjoy crafting fun and unique classes for students of all levels."

    Mariana Krstevski

  • "Before I came to Bo Yoga, I had been an avid athlete running consistently and constantly in training for triathlons.  After about 1 year of Physical Therapy to heal my right shoulder from an overuse injury, I fell off of my bike.   Among other injuries, my left shoulder took it hard, and soon after I began to experience the same severe pain in the left shoulder.  I was planning to get surgery.

    Then, a friend recommended I try this new type of yoga she was loving, called Bo Yoga.  When I started Bo Yoga I was able to pick up the Bo staff, but was unable to do any of the arm movements without a painful grimace!  I kept on mainly because the other (Bo yoga) exercises turned out to be so helpful in alleviating pain and stiffness in my body due to my injuries. I just thought that I would eventually have to get surgery.

    By using the Bo staff during yoga class, and at home, I was able to find movements and positions that opened up my shoulder girdle enough so that I could move more easily and eventually heal 100% without surgery!  It took time but it was so worth not having to go through surgery to heal. I still use the Bo staff and yoga exercises almost daily for opening my joints and remaining flexible.  Bo Yoga has been a huge piece of my healing journey!"

    Kathy Westervelt

  • "I’ve been teaching yoga for 22 years, and am aging along with my students. What I’m loving is that the Balance Bar can help people who may not be able to balance well, or to hold a pose very long, to be able to maximize the benefit. Learning to lighten up the touch on the bar as confidence builds in the student gives them the opportunity to work their core and build strength and stability."

    Donna O'Neil

  • "I took your class and was so excited that someone like me could actually do yoga. It helped me so much both physically and mentally I actually cried a few happy tears. After battling crippling depression, anxiety, and PTSD from a very abusive marriage, Bo Yoga gave me the release I needed to strip away the negativity and focus on myself to relax, breathe, and re-center.
    After purchasing the beginner's package and an extra balance bar for my boyfriend to do it with me, I am overjoyed that I can again practice the amazing bo yoga!
    With everything else going on in this crazy world, I wanted to share some positive feedback on bo yoga. :-)"

    Rebecca Smith

  • "As a 77 year old, this has made a world of difference in my health; it’s carried over into every aspect of my life. I feel a lot of energy opening and I can sense my body in a way I never have before. I am very pleased!"

    Roberly Hearsh

  • "Physically my joints and whole body have benefited from Bo Yoga. I especially need help with building the small muscles around my joints to help protect them. 
    Nothing has worked as well as doing Bo Yoga!  
    I am a big fan of meditation and qi gong and having them included in the class has helped me tremendously.
    I think that everybody needs to work on their balance since we are all walking on our feet!"

    Jenny Wendt Ewing

  • I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis last summer. I decided to add yoga to my healing routine to help me relax, stay flexible, strong and work on balance.

    I took several different yoga classes and am so happy I found Bo Yoga. Bo Yoga classes offer just the right amount of challenge, strengthening, pain relief, relaxation and inner work. I have worked up to 3 classes per week and feel better than I have in over a year.
    I credit Nate’s guidance and Bo Yoga for putting me on the path to healing.

    Shannon Barnard

  • "I have had chronic neck pain for several years, exacerbated by job-related posture - I am a retired ultrasound and x-ray tech. Over the years, chiropractic adjustments and massage have given temporary relief and I had never given a thought to the pain disappearing. I've been practicing Bo Yoga for over a year, and just recently realized that the pain is no longer there! This form of yoga is definitely one of the safest ways to attain and maintain fitness, especially for someone my age."

    Le Shufflebarger

  • “I've just started Bo Yoga, and I was hesitant to do it because I have shoulder issues, and I was afraid that it would hurt it more. I found that I could do the movements really well and there was no pain after my classes. I kept coming back and now I'm a believer! It has improved my mobility tremendously, and it has strengthened the rest of my body, too. I highly recommend it; it's awesome!”

    Gretchen Boyer

  • I have been an avid yoga practitioner for the past fifteen years, and I have been teaching for the last ten years. Until recently, I had been suffering constant pain from my hip bursitis, which I attempted to treat through eighteen therapeutic sessions, months of acupuncture, and finally a Cortisone injection, all to no avail! I began to practice Bo Yoga several months ago and this changed my physical situation in many beautiful ways. I am completely free of pain! I also have greater flexibility in my joints, spine, and disc spaces, and I am able to move my body in a way I could never have imagined was possible. I highly recommend Bo Yoga to every person who wants to have a physically strong and energetic body, a pain-free existence, and personal growth.

    Dr. Harsha Mehta

  • “I just took my first Bo Yoga class and it was amazing. It fuses yoga and the Bo Staff for a really amazing stretching and self-healing method. It was the most incredible, deep mind-body experience I've ever encountered. I really recommend everyone try it.“

    Sunshine Wu

  • “The Bo Yoga class is one of the finest classes that I have ever taken. The set of exercises is structured in such a way that almost all main joints of my body are stretched and then relaxed. The muscles that aren’t easy to reach during commonly used exercises are massaged evenly and gently. As the result of the training; my body flexibility is significantly improved. The Bo Staff helps to do some more extensive stretching without any risk because it provides a secure support to my body. My body becomes stretched and springy under my own control. I love this class, and I am truly grateful to be a part of it!”

    Rachel Zilberman

  • “For many years, I’ve noticed that when I get dressed I couldn’t raise my left leg as well as my right leg, especially while putting on pants. I would always have to bend over when I would put my pants on the left leg. I have been doing traditional yoga for years, but after just two classes of Bo Yoga, I feel less bound up in my legs and I can now put my pants on either leg just as easily!”

    Merilee Novinson

  • “I really enjoy how Bo Yoga allows me to stretch deeper in my body than traditional yoga. It’s also gentle on my body and massages out tension in an amazing way! I’ve found my flexibility improving as well as my coordination, and it’s a really fun mind/body challenge. It’s a really fun way to tone and strengthen my muscles! I definitely recommend Bo Yoga!”

    Christina Tu

  • “Before I started Bo Yoga, I sought medical treatment for shoulder pain that would not go away. My doctor told me that the only thing that would cure my pain was surgery. As soon as I began to regularly attend the Bo Yoga class, I noticed a difference in my shoulder. I practiced for about a year, and my range of motion is back and I no longer have pain in my shoulder! I’m so grateful I tried the class first, and I don't even need physical therapy or surgery for my shoulder.”

    Anna Smelyansky

  • “The Bo Yoga class is the most complete class I’ve ever taken. I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I have shoulder pain and joint pain, and this class works every muscle in my body and really helps reduce the pain. I think anybody should try the class who has pain and after class you will feel brand new! The Bo Staff is a miracle stick!”

    Daniela Ghiurcuta

  • “I have lower back pain and stiffness due to spine surgery, and so it’s very important for me to keep moving and stretching to keep me going every day. After my Bo Yoga class, I feel like everything has been stretched, and it’s also a great workout. I always look forward to the class because we have a lot of fun and we laugh a lot as we train. I try to take it as often as I can and it’s been the best thing I’ve done for my back.”

    Debra Jarett

  • "My Students Love the Balance Bar!"
  • I avoided shoulder surgery with Bo Yoga!
  • Yoga Teacher Loves the Balance Bar
  • Bo Yoga helped my anxiety and depression
  • New energy at 77!
  • Bo Yoga helped my joints!
  • Bo Yoga helped my M.S.!
  • No more neck pain!
  • Improved mobility, highly recommended!
  • Pain free with Bo Yoga!
  • First class was amazing!
  • Finest class I've ever taken.
  • I can move better!
  • Fun way to tone and strengthen!
  • Bo Yoga saved me from surgery!
  • Bo Yoga helps my Multiple Sclerosis
  • Recovery from spine surgery