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Rebecca Smith

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Bo Yoga helped me so much physically and mentally. I actually cried a few happy tears. After battling crippling depression and anxiety, it gave me the release I needed to strip away negativity and gain the focus to re-center.

– Rebecca Smith, Student

Mariana Krstevski

Mariana Krstevski 370 493 Nate Guadagni

My students love Bo Yoga and the Balance Bar! It gives them an opportunity to experience the full benefits of the poses. It’s a treat to see their faces light up when they find their balance in an Asana that they normally couldn’t do!

– Mariana Krstevski, Owner, Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness

Gretchen Boyer

Gretchen Boyer

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I found that I could do the movements really well and there was no pain after my classes. Now I’m a believer! It has improved my mobility tremendously, and it has strengthened the rest of my body, too. I highly recommend it!

– Gretchen Boyer, Professional Organizer

Dr. Harsha Mehta

Dr. Harsha Mehta

Dr. Harsha Mehta 90 100 Nate Guadagni

Bo Yoga has already changed my physical situation in many beautiful ways. I’m completely free of pain! I also have greater flexibility in my joints, spine, and disc spaces. I can move my body in ways I never could’ve imagined.

Dr. Harsha Mehta, Radiologist

Rachel Zilberman

Rachel Zilberman

Rachel Zilberman 90 100 Nate Guadagni

The Bo Yoga class is one of the finest classes that I have ever taken. Their staff helps to do some more extensive stretching without any risk because it provides a secure support to my body. I love this class, and I am truly grateful…

Rachel Zilberman, Author

Sunshine Wu

Sunshine Wu 90 100 Nate Guadagni

I just took my first Bo Yoga class and it was amazing. It fuses yoga and the Bo Staff for an amazing stretch and self-healing method. It was the most incredible, deep mind-body experience I’ve ever encountered.

Sunshine Wu, Yoga Instructor, Model

Roberly Hearsh

Roberly Hearsh

Roberly Hearsh 90 100 Nate Guadagni

At 77 years old, this has made a world of difference in my health. It has carried over into every aspect of my life. I feel a lot of energy opening and I can sense my body in a way I never have before. I am very pleased!

– Roberly Hearsh, Retired