Ray Chappell
Ontario Canada

Ray Chappell

Bo Yoga® Certified Instructor

WEBSITE: https://savingspaceyoga.wordpress.com/author/savingspaceyoga/

I was introduced to Bo Yoga at the Accessible Yoga Conference in Toronto in 2018. As an older man certified in Hatha and Restorative Yoga with degenerative bones disease, herniated discs and osteoarthritis along diabetes, I was looking for a  tool/prop that would allow my body to  work for me, not my body to work for the posture.

The Bo Yoga Staff encourages my body to move with simplicity,  comfort and of course safety, which is always a concern for older folks.
Alignment is a must to allow my body to be manipulated to proper form according to my body’s  limits. I teach senior citizens, so simply, easy  movements is essential to their wellbeing. BoYoga has made Yoga more accessible to everyone…my gratitude and wellbeing to Nate and Bo Yoga.

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