Michele Grimes

Michele Grimes

Bo Yoga® Certified Teacher

I have taught yoga for the past 6 years to children and adults. I currently teach “Sit Down Yoga” and meditation to people from ages 50-80 years of age. It has helped to improve their energy, circulation, and stamina greatly.

As a retired teacher, I have enjoyed teaching yoga to children from 5-11 years of age. They enjoy the meditation, the postures, games, and energy that they experienced during the classes.

Teaching Energy Yoga to adults has been both rewarding to the students and myself. I have shared various meditations and postures to help the students to become present, relaxed, more flexible and feel more energy.

I have taken a variety of workshops to enhance my yoga practice and share what I have learned with others. I have learned tools to make my life and others lives more manageable when applying the Energy Yoga Principles.

I currently teach Bo Yoga® as well to my local community which is very well received, especially for those who struggle with traditional yoga styles.

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