Lynn Zelmer Bo Yoga
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Lynn Zelmer

Tai Chi/Qigong (Special Needs Instructor)
BEd Certificate
Certified Bo Yoga® Teacher



I started doing tai chi in the mid-1990s to help with back and RSI problems. I’ve taught for 20+ years as a Special Needs instructor, mostly seniors but also younger aged classes and special events.

Several years ago I started practicing yoga as another way of dealing with my back and neck issues. About the same time I discovered a Chinese Yoga with Staff routine that tied together yoga and tai chi weapons concepts and subsequently adapted it as a Qigong exercise.

My yoga instructor pointed me at Bo Yoga® and encouraged me to enroll in the instructor training course. Once into the course it became obvious how useful it would be to introduce balance bar activities into our Rockhampton classes.

The staff and Bo exercises neatly complement the Qigong orientation of most of our classes, and have been well accepted by all levels and ages of our local participants.

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