The Staff and the Body – Eugene Weekly Article

The Staff and the Body Bo Yoga brings martial arts to traditional practice LEAD STORY | DECEMBER 31, 2015 | BY DAEMION LEE Instructor Nate Guadagni leads a Bo Yoga class. Photo: Todd Cooper Read Original Article Here Like yoga but with a stick, Bo Yoga combines elements of yoga with a bo, a wooden staff used in the Japanese martial

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Stick to it – Eugene Magazine Article

STICK TO IT BO STAFFS IN YOGA ASSIST WITH BALANCE AND MOTION By Mecca Ray-Rouse | Published October 2016 Photo Credit : Stephanie Kuecker / Vivien Chao Read Original Article here “Let the bo staff do the work,” Nate Guadagni, founder of Bo Yoga in Eugene, says to his students Thursday morning. Framed in white Christmas lights, a mirrored wall

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