Sedona Spring Qigong Retreat 2024

Sedona Spring Qigong Retreat 2024

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Qigong with Master Teachers: Nate Guadagni, Vivien Chao, HaeJung Ocean

Immerse yourself in the ancient art of Qigong with three master teachers. Learn and practice energy arts for physical and spiritual well-being.

Spectacular Sightseeing: Explore the breathtaking beauty of Sedona with guided tours to its iconic red rock formations and energy vortexes. Connect with the healing power of nature.

Meaningful Connections: Foster a sense of community and connection with like-minded individuals. Share experiences, insights, and laughter in a supportive environment.

Whats Included:

Daily Qigong Sessions: Led by experienced master teachers, these morning and afternoon sessions will guide you through the transformative practice of Qigong.

Community Building Workshops: Connect with fellow participants through workshops designed to strengthen community bonds.

Nature Walks and Meditation: Enhance your retreat experience with grounding nature walks and serene meditation sessions.

Expert Local Guidance: Suggestions for daily group hikes, meals, and wellness options.

Pre and Post training Live on Zoom with Trainers.
Dates TBA.

Retreat does not include accommodations, food or transportation.