The 5-Foot Bo Yoga Staff (Recommended Size)

  • 60″ (5 Feet) long
  • Our most popular size, great for average-sized people, between 4’10” and 6 feet tall.
  • Best used in medium size areas, such as a living room, large bedroom, or outdoors.
  • Lightweight (1 lb), durable, padded and flexible with traction tips.

The 6-Foot Bo Yoga Staff

  • 72″ (6 Feet) long
  • Great for tall people (about 6 feet tall) or those with long or stiff arms.
  • Best used in larger areas or outdoors.
  • Not recommended for training in very small rooms.

The 4-Foot Bo Yoga Staff

  • 48″ long (4 Feet) works great as a balance prop and for spins.
  • Ideal for chair or wheelchair yoga
  • Good for smaller people or kids (4 feet or shorter)
  • Perfect for indoor use or small areas.
  • Ideal for travel and easy transport.
  • Not recommended for people who are tall (6 ft or more) and can’t be used for some alignment poses.
Dimensions N/A

Full Set, 4 Foot, 5 Foot, 6 Foot


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