A Revolutionary Tool Opens Your Body to Greater Energy, Flexibility, and Balance.

Bo Yoga is an exciting new form of holistic fitness that aims to solve the energy crisis facing the world today. Not the geopolitical type, but the personal energy crisis that leads thousands of people to spend billions of dollars on unhealthy stimulants and painkillers while still feeling unsatisfied. If you can relate to this problem, this book was written for you.
The book that you are about to read will change your life. Each chapter will walk you through Bo Yoga’s Seven Essential Values for an Energetic Nature (S.E.V.E.N.), which are:

  1. Attitude
  2. Breathing
  3. Hydration
  4. Exercise
  5. Stress Relief
  6. Diet
  7. Relationships.

You will learn how to improve each area of your life and the Bo Yoga Beginners Exercise Guide will show you how to create a regular mind/body wellness practice.
The Bo Yoga practice blends the best of yoga, tai chi and mindful movement into a comprehensive system that is easy to learn and fun to practice. The revolutionary tool of Bo Yoga is the Balance Bar; a stable and flexible prop which assists with balance, leverage and range of motion making Bo Yoga safer, easier and more effective than traditional training methods.
The common benefits of Bo Yoga are improved flexibility, balance, strength, more energy and less pain. It is especially good for chronic joint issues like arthritis and carpal tunnel and is adaptable for people of all ages, body types and levels of flexibility.

Dr. Harsha Mehta of Northbrook, IL says, “I have been an avid yoga practitioner for the past 15 years and have been practicing yoga for the past nine years. Until recently, I had been suffering constant pain from my hip bursitis which I attempted to treat through 18 therapeutic sessions, months of acupuncture, and finally a Cortisone injection, all to no avail! I began to practice Bo Yoga several months ago and this changed my physical situation in many beautiful ways. I AM COMPLETELY FREE OF PAIN! I also have greater flexibility in my joints, spine, and disc spaces and I am able to move my body in a way I could never have imagined was possible. I highly recommend Bo Yoga to every person who wants to have a physically strong and energetic body, a pain free existence, and personal growth.”

There is no doubt that if you follow the practices and principles of Bo Yoga sincerely, you will find more than enough energy to do the things you want in your life. Not only that, you will find relief from the aches and pains that steal your time and energy, and keep you from becoming the person you want to be.

Don’t spend another day envious of other people’s bodies, energy or lifestyle. Begin your journey today to the body, the energy and life of your dreams and look back on this moment as the turning point when you decided to change.

You do not need any prior experience or even any interest in yoga, tai chi or dance to benefit tremendously from the Bo Yoga system.
If you are ready for more energy, less pain and a better quality of life, read this book today, and find out how.


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