Buy Balance Bars in Bulk

Thrill your students by equipping your classes with Bo Yoga Balance Bars. Balance Bars provide assistance, resistance, alignment, and balance to make your classes safer and more accessible. Don’t just take our word for it – listen to these happy teachers, owners and studio managers. “My students love Bo Yoga and the Balance Bar! It gives them an opportunity to

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5 Minute Balance Assessment

Download your BALANCE ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET CLICK HERE  How did your balance assessment go? When you are young, balance is an automatic reflex and you can quickly recover from a trip or stand up after a fall. However, studies show that balance naturally begins to decline after age 40 and one in three people aged 65 will suffer a fall. Your balance is regulated by

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10 Ways to Drink 3 More Glasses of Water Per Day

You know that you should drink more water today. How much more is up for debate, whether it’s the old 8 glass rule, the half-of-your-body-weight-in-ounces rule or Michelle Obama’s more recent plea to “just drink one more glass of water per day”. Even Bruce Lee is a fan, as he wisely said, “be formless, shapeless… be water, my friend.” Apparently

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