Black Lives Matter Resources

Black Lives Matter Resources 800 450 Nate Guadagni

Below are resources we are using to take action, to educate ourselves and our children, to support those whose lives have been sacrificed and stolen, and, in this time of distress, to

Direct Action via Donation: 

Black Lives Matter

Bail Funds

Individual Memorial Funds

Community Resources:

Resources for Protestors

Self-education, Educating Others

Resources for Parents / Kids 

Sign a Petition

*We say thank you to Carey Lovelace of 2020Visions and Accessible Yoga for this extensive list of resources.

Sara Russell Skills for Change Wisdom 101

Sara Russell Interview

Sara Russell Interview 4096 2304 Nate Guadagni

Wisdom 101: Relationship Anarchy and Skills for Change Coach

Sara Russell is a Skills for Change Coach and relationship anarchist. She explains in the interview.