What is Reiki? How to become Reiki Certified with Vy Le – Wisdom 101 Interview

What is Reiki? How to become Reiki Certified with Vy Le – Wisdom 101 Interview 1280 800 Nate Guadagni

Vy Le is a medical intuitive who works with energy fields related to the physical, emotional, and psychological bodies, specific to the individual’s need for healing, and is a certified Reiki Master and Access Consciousness practitioner. She can help bring to light old, or even past life traumas or focus on relieving an immediate physical pain or ailment. She is the creator and owner of VYTL Living Center, a wellness center, whose mission is to promote life-balance through healing & personal growth. The center offers Reiki classes and sessions in addition to providing an array of programs and classes that foster mindfulness, creativity, and self-healing.

In this interview, you will find out:

– Vy’s discovery of her intuitive gifts

– What is Reiki?

– How can Reiki be used to help with healing?

– Resources and places to learn more about it.

– What is the Reiki Certification Process?

– Reiki Weekend Retreat–events.html

Nate Guadagni is the founder of Bo Yoga®, a rapidly growing wellness system dedicated to making mindful movement accessible to all people.


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Wisdom 101 : Episode #10

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