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Bo Yoga : 3 Weeks to Better Balance – Udemy Course Introduction

For more info or to sign up for 3 Weeks to Better Balance Course, go to: ABOUT THIS COURSE: Learn simple and effective exercises to improve your balance in a step by step system perfect for anyone over 40. Improve your balance safely and easily with Bo Yoga’s comprehensive three week program. This course includes: – Bo Yoga Balance

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What is “Advanced” Bo Yoga?

When you think of advanced yoga, what images come to mind? Do you think of people putting their feet behind their heads, doing the splits, or balancing on one arm? There is a popular conflation of yoga and contortionism that makes it seem like the goal of yoga is to see how far you can bend, stretch and dismantle your body. More yoga

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5 Minute Balance Assessment

Download your BALANCE ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET CLICK HERE  How did your balance assessment go? When you are young, balance is an automatic reflex and you can quickly recover from a trip or stand up after a fall. However, studies show that balance naturally begins to decline after age 40 and one in three people aged 65 will suffer a fall. Your balance is regulated by

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