Bo Yoga Instructional Videos

Bo Yoga Eagle Warm Up

Bo Yoga Instructional Video for Teachers Starting Position: Drape your Balance Bar over your shoulders like a yoke. Then wrap your arms over the top from behind. Your arms should hang loosely and comfortably without pressing too hard on your neck. Action: Begin to turn your upper body from side to side, keeping your upper body relaxed. Focus Points: Feel

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5 Elements Qi Gong – Preview Video

5 ELEMENTS QI GONG is a contemporary sequence based upon energy healing practices that date back over 4,000 years. In Oriental Medicine Theory, the 5 Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, all co-exist in nature and in our bodies. When they lose balance we experience sickness, pain and disease. Through gentle, safe and effective movements, this video will show

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What is a Bo Yoga Balance Bar?

The Bo Yoga Balance Bar (or Yoga Staff) is the essential prop that we use for Bo Yoga® . It has several features which make it perfect for Bo Yoga® while other traditional bo staffs (used for martial arts) will not work. The Balance Bar supports your yoga practice with: – Leverage and control to your stretches for safe and

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Bo Yoga Demonstration

Founder Nate Guadagni shares an improvisational Bo Yoga demo. The Bo Yoga system adds to and builds upon the proven benefits of yoga, qi gong and meditation. The secret of Bo Yoga is the Balance Bar, a stable and flexible prop which is used in all aspects of the practice. It is used while stretching to improve alignment, leverage and

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