Basic Yoga

Bo Yoga Eagle Warm Up

Bo Yoga Instructional Video for Teachers Starting Position: Drape your Balance Bar over your shoulders like a yoke. Then wrap your arms over the top from behind. Your arms should hang loosely and comfortably without pressing too hard on your neck. Action: Begin to turn your upper body from side to side, keeping your upper body relaxed. Focus Points: Feel

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Bo Yoga : Vortex Stretch for Pain Relief, Flexibility and Shoulder Mobility

The Bo Yoga Vortex is a deep shoulder stretch which will help open your back, neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists. If you have trouble with this exercise, try to bend the elbows and don’t rush! The Balance Bar will provide a consistent and stable support for the arms which will allow you to fine tune your movements. Don’t try this

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Bo Yoga : Heart Opener – For Better Posture and Deeper Breathing

Most people have poor posture; a rounded and tight upper back and partially collapsed chest cavity, leading to shallow breathing and possible spine problems. Due to modern sedentary desk jobs and frequently protracted (forward shifted) arms and shoulders we develop tight pecs in the chest and weak back and shoulder muscles, further compounding the problem. The Heart Opener exercise can

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What is Bo Yoga? Bo Yoga® Introduction Video

Bo Yoga blends the best of Yoga, QiGong and Meditation into a simple and effective system, using a unique Balance Bar prop. The Bo Yoga Balance Bar is a flexible, padded and stable prop which assists with balance, stability and mobility, making the movements of yoga and exercise safer, easier and more accessible. Have you ever felt that you are too stiff to do

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