Bo Yoga : Heart Opener – For Better Posture and Deeper Breathing

Most people have poor posture; a rounded and tight upper back and partially collapsed chest cavity, leading to shallow breathing and possible spine problems.
Due to modern sedentary desk jobs and frequently protracted (forward shifted) arms and shoulders we develop tight pecs in the chest and weak back and shoulder muscles, further compounding the problem.

The Heart Opener exercise can help to improve your posture and make your breathing deeper by using the leverage of the Bo Yoga Staff to stretch the chest, decompress the spine and strengthen the muscles around the upper back.

Make sure that you don’t feel dizzy or out of breath when you practice this. Make sure to use a proper bo staff, not a broomstick!

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Bo Yoga blends the best of yoga, Qigong and mindful movement into a comprehensive system that is easy to learn and fun to practice.
The revolutionary tool of Bo Yoga is the Balance Bar; a stable and flexible prop which assists with balance, stability and range of motion, making Bo Yoga safer, easier and more effective than traditional training methods.

The most common benefits of Bo Yoga are:
– Better balance
– Improved flexibility
– Increased strength
– Stress relief
– More energy
– Less pain


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Nate Guadagni has been teaching yoga, qi gong and meditation full time for over thirteen years and is the founder of Bo Yoga®, a rapidly growing health and wellness system. His mission through Bo Yoga is to make mindful movement accessible to all people by providing innovative props and training techniques and adapting to student's diverse needs. He is the author of Bo Yoga: 7 Essential Values to Energize Your Life and has produced three DVDs: Bo Yoga for Beginners, Bo Yoga Basics and 5 Elements Qi Gong. He has also created online courses and leads national workshops and teacher trainings around the country. He is a member of the Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. His most recent training is Sarahjoy Marsh’s 500 Hour Yoga Therapy Program.

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