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Bo Yoga Swimmer Warm-up

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Every day, the majority of people find themselves stressed out and feeling overworked. 

Studies show that stress can lead to various ailments, both physical and mental, such as memory impairment, depression, obesity, heart disease, digestive problems, or autoimmune diseases (Legg, Ph.D., CRNP, 2018).


The state of being stressed compromises our productivity, happiness, presence of mind, and inner peace.

Later on in life, these “unseeable” negative effects manifest physically — externally, and internally.

Thus people are often recommended to find methods (until they come up with a personalized routine) to release stress.



Bo Yoga can be the answer! We have curated exercises that are meant to relieve the body of tension and stress. Coupled with meditation, Bo Yoga will certainly give you the chance to be more present, positive, and resilient — mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Keep in mind that Bo Yoga places very high importance on warm-ups. A good warm-up can jumpstart the cardiovascular system by increasing blood flow and raising body temperature. Moreover, these can also help reduce the likelihood of muscle soreness after working out.

Here is a good warm-up routine for your shoulders, chest, and back. 



  • Be sure to pick a Bo Yoga Staff size that you are comfortable with. If you are having a hard time with this exercise, we recommend you use a longer Bo Yoga Staff; it will be more flexible and will have a longer reach for your arm.
  • Be in an open area or a spacious room


  1. Hang your Bo Yoga Staff over your shoulders behind your neck, with arms hooked on each side. 
  2. Do a rowing motion or a freestyle swimming motion.
  3. After about a minute, do the motion backward.

You can play around with the positioning of the Bo Yoga Staff on your shoulder. Bring it lower to have a different effect on your upper back or a bit higher with your arms closer to the middle to focus more on your shoulders. 

Make use of the Bo Yoga Staff as leverage. Keep your arms relaxed as you go through the rotating motions. As you go through the motions, you are actually pumping the muscles around your lungs and diaphragm which contributes to a better breathing pattern. 

Remember to breathe steadily as you go through this warm-up. Feel each sensation that arises. Slow down as you feel any tension to let your body open up and stretch.

This warm-up is a good way to start up your daily yoga routine as it prepares your upper body for any strenuous positions that you may do later.

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