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5 Minute Balance Assessment

5 Minute Balance Assessment 150 150 Nate Guadagni



How did your balance assessment go?

When you are young, balance is an automatic reflex
and you can quickly recover from a trip or stand up after a fall.

However, studies show that balance naturally begins to decline after age 40 and one in three people aged 65 will suffer a fall.

Your balance is regulated by 5 Factors:
1. Vision
2. Reflexes
3. Muscle Mass and Strength
4. Proprioception (The ability to feel the body in space)
5. Inner Ear

Changes linked to growing older or sedentary lifestyles affect all of these areas:

1. Weaker eyesight
2. Slower reflexes
3. Weak and stiff muscles and joints
4. Poor circulation (leads to lack of physical sensation)
5. Vertigo / Dizziness (due to deposits or crystals in inner ear)

As you get older you may exercise less, gain weight, and start to feel less confident in your body and your balance.

However, the good news is that with a proper exercise and mindfulness program, almost anyone can improve their balance.

Bo Yoga Infinity Spins – Flexibility, Joint Health, Coordination

Bo Yoga Infinity Spins – Flexibility, Joint Health, Coordination 1920 1080 Nate Guadagni

Try Bo Yoga Infinity Spins to improve your hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder flexibility, joint health, and coordination. Very good for arthritis or carpal tunnel relief.

Bo Yoga Introduction Video

Bo Yoga Introduction Video 1800 1080 Nate Guadagni

Bo Yoga combines the best of yoga, tai chi, and dance with the unique element of a Bo Staff to form a comprehensive system that is easy to learn and fun to practice.
The secret weapon of Bo Yoga is the Bo Staff, a stable and flexible prop that is used in all aspects of the practice. It is used while stretching to improve alignment, leverage, and stability, and it is also used as a balancing tool for lower body exercises. This innovative element is what makes Bo Yoga safer, easier, and more effective than traditional methods.

New practitioners of Bo Yoga are already feeling the benefit. Rachel Zilberman says, “The Bo staff helps me do more extensive stretching without any risk because it provides secure support to my body. My body becomes stretched and springy under my own control, and my body flexibility has improved significantly as a result of the training.”

Harsha Mehta, a retired doctor and yoga teacher from Northbrook, IL, says, “I began to practice Bo Yoga several months ago and this changed my body in many beautiful ways; I am completely free of pain! I also have greater flexibility in my joints, spine, and disc spaces, and I am able to move my body in ways I could never have imagined was possible. I highly recommend Bo Yoga to every person who wants to have a strong and energetic body, and a pain free life.”

If you follow the practices and principles of Bo Yoga, you will find more than enough energy to do the things you want in your life. Not only that, you will find relief from the aches and pains that steal your energy and time, and keep you from becoming the person you want to be.
Begin your journey today to the body, the energy, and life of your dreams!


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