5 Elements Qi Gong – Preview Video

5 Elements Qi Gong – Preview Video

5 Elements Qi Gong – Preview Video 2420 2042 Nate Guadagni

5 ELEMENTS QI GONG is a contemporary sequence based upon energy healing practices that date back over 4,000 years.

In Oriental Medicine Theory, the 5 Elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water, all co-exist in nature and in our bodies. When they lose balance we experience sickness, pain and disease.

Through gentle, safe and effective movements, this video will show you how to access the specific meridians (energy channels) and organs associated with each Element to bring your body, mind and energy into perfect balance.

Your teacher Nate Guadagni has been teaching Qi Gong, Taoist yoga and meditation for over thirteen years and is the founder of Bo Yoga®, a rapidly growing health and wellness system.

5 ELEMENTS QI GONG includes:

• Daily Dozen joint warm up routines

• 5 Element Qi Gong Sequence

• Samurai Step and Slow Walking forms

• Balance Assessment

• Bonus video and extra resources

Find the balance, energy and mindfulness that you have been looking for with 5 Elements Qi Gong.

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